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Frequently Asked Questions

What is liability coverage?
A minimum amount of liability insurance is required in almost every state, and it differs according to where you live. Drivers are required to purchase this type of insurance to cover any losses you might cause to an individual or to someone’s property.

  What is auto insurance?

Am I required to purchase auto insurance if I own a vehicle?

What is the main reason for requiring auto insurance?

Will I be covered by my insurance company if I am sued?

What are the main types of auto insurance?

What is comprehensive coverage?

What is collision coverage?

What is liability coverage?

How do I know the minimum amount of liability insurance required?

What kind of optional coverage can I choose?

Am I required to pay a minimum amount of comprehensive or collision coverage?

Do I have to purchase auto insurance if I lease a car?

What is a premium?

What is a deductible?

Can my insurance company cancel my auto policy?

What should I do if feel my insurance company has cancelled my policy unfairly?

What should I do if I don’t receive a satisfactory response about the unfair cancellation of my policy from the consumer affairs division?

If I contact my insurance company to verify whether a loss is covered under my policy, can they record this as a claim, even if I don’t receive any money from the insurer?

What should I do if I have an accident with an uninsured motorist?

What will uninsured motorist coverage cover?

Will other people be covered if they drive my car?

Why do I have to list all household members, even if they don’t ever drive my car?

Which individuals are considered “family members?”

Which household members don’t need to be included on my policy?

Will I be covered by my auto policy if I rent a car?

Will my spouse’s or children’s accident records affect my ability to purchase car insurance?

Can my company refuse to renew my policy if I have too many claims?

What happens if I forget to include some information on my driving record?

What does actual cash value mean?

What does replacement cost coverage mean?

What factors affect my auto insurance rates?

How do companies determine auto insurance rates?

Why are the rates so different for different insurance providers?

Will my policy automatically increase after I file a claim?

What is considered a high-risk driver?

Can my insurance provider cancel my policy if I am a high-risk driver?

Will I lose my safe driving discount if I file a claim?

Do I have to file a police report if my vehicle is stolen?

Do I have to file a state motor vehicle report?

Will my insurance provider investigate any cases of potential fraud?

What is no-fault insurance?

What is medical payments coverage?

What is bodily injury liability coverage?

What is personal injury protection?

What is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?

How long will my claim take to process?

How long will it take to recover my deductible?

Will any property stolen from my vehicle be covered in my policy?

What should I do if my stolen vehicle is recovered?

What should I do if my vehicle is totaled?

Who will pay the remainder of my loan if my vehicle is totaled?

Who is responsible for any lost wages if I can’t continue working?

What happens if I am involved in an accident in another state?

Will my policy cover the cost of renting a vehicle while my vehicle is being repaired?

How do I know which representative will handle my claim?

Can I purchase auto insurance if I have a learner’s permit?

Can I purchase auto insurance if I have a foreign or conditional license?

How will I know the actual salvage value if my car is totaled?

What are the most inexpensive cars to insure?

How can I find the insurance records for the previous owner of a car?

How much will the cheapest car insurance cost?

Will my insurance cover the cost to replace a cloudy and pitted windshield if I purchased complete glass coverage?

How does an insurance company define a sports car?

What happens to my auto insurance if I am charged with a DUI offence?

Does my auto insurance policy have to contain the same name as my car loan?

Which states are no-fault states?

Can I insure another person’s car?

Will my auto insurance cover my relatives who have international driver’s permits?

Who is responsible for a mistake on my insurance forms?

How can I lower my insurance premiums?

What is a declarations page?

Why do I have a harder time obtaining auto insurance if drivers in my household have a bad driving record?

What will happen to me if I choose to drive without car insurance?

What is a high risk driver?

What does assigned risk mean?

What does an assessable policy mean?

Am I eligible for any kind of discount on my insurance policy?

Will I be charged more if I choose to pay my premiums on a quarterly or monthly basis?

What is split-limit liability car coverage?

What is single-limit liability car coverage?

Should I bother purchasing collision coverage if I own an older vehicle?

If I am involved in an auto accident as a pedestrian, will bodily injury liability still apply?

What happens if I am involved in an accident while I’m driving someone else’s car?

Will my auto insurance policy cover a rental truck that I use to move my personal property?

What is gap insurance?

Will my auto insurance policy cover me if I use my car in a car pool?

Will my auto insurance policy be valid if I drive in Canada?

Will my auto insurance policy be valid if I drive in Mexico?

Will I receive a refund if my policy is cancelled?

Does my insurance company have to advise me why they have cancelled or refused to renew my policy?

Can my insurance company cancel my policy in the middle of a term?

Can my insurance company perform a credit check on me?

What is depreciation?

Will the amount of depreciation of my vehicle affect my coverage?

If I am involved in an accident with a driver who has out-of-state insurance, where do I file a claim?

What is the minimum number of estimates required by an insurance company?

What should I do if my company adjuster misses some information on my repair estimate?

What is the responsibility of my insurance agent in the claims process?

Will I receive a grace period for payment of my premium?

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