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A-1AutoInsurance.com Privacy Policy

At A-1AutoInsurance.com, we do everything possible to protect your personal information and ensure your confidentiality. We remain committed to safeguarding this information from any unauthorized use. Please be aware that our privacy policy does not apply to any of the external sites you may visit from the links contained on any of our pages. The policy outlined below only applies to A-1AutoInsurance.com. We suggest you read the privacy policy of external sites to verify that external companies are also taking steps to protect your personal information.

What Kind Of Information Do We Retain?

We will never collect any unnecessary personal information from any of our visitors. If you choose to use our services, we will only collect the following:

  • Name of the domain you used to access our site
  • The IP address you use
  • The operating system and internet browser you use
  • When you access our website
  • The exact pages you visit
  • The online address of the site you use to link to our site

We will also retain what are known as "cookies." These are exclusive text files that track information regarding how our visitors use our site. The files monitor any personal preferences you entered when you first accessed A-1AutoInsurance.com. This prevents you from having to reenter the same details every time you visit. It also allows us to customize the kind of advertisements and content you will see when you browse our pages.

Why Do We Compile This Data?

You can feel confident that A-1AutoInsurance.com will never collect unnecessary personal information from you. The data we do gather enables us to provide you with a higher level of service.

We also collect this information to:

    Customize the content you will see on our site
  • Provide an easier means to contact you
  • Compile anonymous statistics for other clients
  • Prevent you from having to reenter the same information on our site
  • Enable us to offer you a higher level of customer service
  • Conduct an internal investigation if necessary
  • Tailor the features and services we offer for your exact needs

How Do We Safeguard Your Information?

A-1AutoInsurance.com remains committed to protecting your personal information using every available means.

This includes:
  • Protecting your confidential information from unauthorized access by utilizing secure 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Safeguarding our information storage areas with secure firewall protection
  • Protecting your information from power outages with the use of power supplies and backup servers
  • Investigating the criminal background of any applicants with a thorough screening process
  • Ensuring employees won't disclose any of your information by having them all sign a confidentiality agreement

Who Will Have Access To My Personal Information?

At A-1AutoInsurance.com, we will not disclose, rent or sell your personal information to any unauthorized parties. The following are the only exceptions where we may have to do so:

  • We have share some of your anonymous statistical information with third parties
  • We may provide our customer service employees with some of your information to improve the level of service we can offer you
  • We may share your information with our technical department in order for employees to perform required maintenance work or verify the integrity of our computer systems
  • We may disclose your information if we suspect that you are involved in any type of illegal or fraudulent activity or if we believe you are threatening the physical safety of another individual
  • We may provide your information to an authorized court upon receipt of a formal judicial request
  • We may share your information if you violate any of the terms of use we have outlined on our site
  • We will provide your information in the event that new owners sell or purchase A-1AutoInsurance.com

Will I be able to edit or delete any information from your site?

Yes, you can choose to remove any information from our database. You can also review the data we have collected to verify its accuracy. However, we don't recommend you do so without contacting us first. If you delete important data such as your email address or contact information, it will limit our ability to provide you with the best customer service.

Can I Disable the Cookies On Your Site?

Yes, you can choose to disable the cookies option on your computer. You may also decide to delete your name or email address from our email distribution lists. This will prevent us from gathering any information that does not identify you personally.

How Will I Know If This Privacy Policy Changes?

A-1AutoInsurance.com can make changes to this privacy policy at any time. However, we will always provide a list of all changes on our homepage. In addition, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact all of our clients personally to notify them of the change.

If another company buys or sells A-1AutoInsurance.com, we will also attempt to notify you individually. You can then choose whether you prefer to cancel or maintain your current account.

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